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Go for an ~~adventure~~

WHAT tours?

Tours offer you the opportunity to connect deeper with nature.

Tours take you off to natural environments near the metropolitan area, that are far from noise and the rush.

Tours are a possibility for you and your friends to refresh, develop your knowledge with nature and get to know unique forest areas near you.

Ninjosanto brings you to refreshing locations in Tampere and the capital region. You can choose the locations as you please, or leave it up to me to surprise you!

Tours for company and community groups are offered for groups up to 40 people. Furthermore, the tours are created uniquely for you in regards of location, content and schedule.

Tours are offered also for single bookings. The timing of these tours are pre-scheduled. Find yourself a good time and join us in an adventure!


mushroom TOUR

Mushroom tour takes you into a world of abundance of delicacies. While having fun of seeking and finding mushrooms with your friends, you learn to pick up the best ones and leave the poisonous to the forest. Mushroom tour fits perfectly with recreational activity of companies or organizations and as an activity for different celebrations.

The tour lasts 2-3 hours, including a short break. Tour is created uniquely according to group's wishes. Take with you: outdoor clothing and shoes, an aerial basket, little snack and a water bottle. A knife and mushroom literature is also useful.


Fall season

Price: 45 e / person. Discount price 35 e / person.

Price for private groups: Starting from 370e

plant & herb tour

On a wild herb tour you learn to recognize and use healthy and delicious herbs straight from nature. On a tour we go to a nature area in the capital region. Area is far enough from highways so the high quality of collected plants is guaranteed. This tour fits especially well to persons interested in organic food and to families with children.

Tour lasts 2-3 hours with a short break. Take with you: outdoor clothing and shoes, basket and scissors for collecting, little snack and a water bottle.


Spring season

Price: 45 e / person. Discount price 35 e / person

Price for private groups: Starting from 370e

nature walk

A walk in the nature allows you to enjoy and relax in nature. With a delightful company and guidance of a nature guide, you get the chance to discover secrets of Finnish fauna and flora and have a stroll into wilderness! We take a look in the depths of nature with binoculars and magnifying glasses and learn the basics how to walk outdoors in Finnish forest. Possibility to cook your own snacks over the open fire.

The tour takes 2h30min, including a lunch break.


Spring and summer season

Price: 45 e / person. Discount price 35 e / person

Price for private groups: Starting from 370e

Tulevat retket

up-coming adventures

Book a spot for yourself from the pre-set dates for tours through

Take into notice tour might be in Finnish. Please contact me through for english speaking tours.


”Looking for mushrooms in the forest is the perfect activity after working in the office. It refreshes and helps the mind find peace, as you stroll through the forest, searching for mushrooms and discovering nature  with other fellow adventurers. As you get your batteries reloaded you have energy for other things in life. Tuomas was a perfect guide that taught with grace!”


”Finding mushroom is like a treasure hunt. As our lovely guide Tuomas says: you forget all about daily work as your looking for the treasures in nature. If you are interested in mushroom hunting, and you are not yet comfertable with your own knowledge on specific types of mushrooms, be brave and get in touch with Tuomas! After a while all you can see is mushrooms everywhere!”


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