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welcome on my website!
For you, mushroom enthusiast,
hear this humble intention of a mushroom hunt:

Filmed by Vanessa Vandy

Mushroom on my hand is Pluteus cervinus syn. P. atricapillus.




 Come along to refresh your soul and dive into wilderness. Get to know Finnish flora & fauna during an enlightening tour.


 Mushroom picking is a core part of the Finnish experience. This adventure will help you identify eatable mushrooms and give you the tools for mushroom picking in future fall seasons. 


This adventure will offer you an extensive dive into the world of plants. You will learn how to identify edible plants from which you can make your own delicious meals.

TUOMAS lilleberg

I am an adventurer and an academic in environmental studies. I want to share my know-how and bring nature back into peoples lives. For the basis of my work, I use my knowledge from my studies in biology and geography (Master of Science University of Helsinki), my love for nature and my extensive knowledge on environmental protection. 


what is ninjosanto

Ninjosanto was founded in 2016. We have a simple mission: help people reconnect with nature. Nature is an essential part of the human experience and for this purpose Ninjosanto offers daily adventures for individuals and groups.

"In nature you learn that evolution isn't about the survival of the fittest, but rather one who survives is one that is humble enough to learn what it means to be one with nature."
- Kaj Nyman: "Talojen kieli"

book an adventure

You can book an adventure from my website or by contacting me via email at I will get back in touch with you during the first 3 working days. 

I'll see you at our adventure!

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